Navbar > Nav > Link -- state change?

New user. Since I couldn't find an answer on the forum, I assume I am just missing something incredibly basic.

I created a navbar with links to pages on the main page. I then use Copy > Multiple and choose to link the navbar on each page, because I want it to be the same on each page. Works fine, except that the navbar does not reflect the page changes. For example, start on Page 1 (bold heading because its active). Go to Page 2, but Page 1 in the navbar is still bold as if it were active, even though the Page 2 item should be. Page 2 retains the inactive styling.

What am I missing?


Have you assigned the actual URLs to the links? I find it's usually easiest to just use the Smart Active State feature. Search the forums for 'smart active state' there have been a number of discussions.