Navbar / Smart Active State / How is it triggered?

I use a linked navbar with "Smart Active State" turned on. I created a CSS entry to make the text of the active page bold: { font-weight: bold; }

So far so good, but not's not working.

The thing is, that my BS page names are different from what the nav-link points to. This is because I use the web-servers ability to serve pages in the correct language. So the link is contact.html for example, but the page actually is named context-en.html etc.

So, any idea what I need to change to make it work with as much default functionality kept as possible?

I would have to say that the tie is between the Link's page name and the actual page file name. Which is why when you changed that page files name from contact.html to contact-en.html the Smart Linking stopped working because you also didn't change the Nav link.

If your site is going to spit out dynamic page names, you will need to dynamically also update your Nav Links in accordance with the page name changes.

That's how I see it.