Navbar sticky-top issue

I'm checking some options with the 'Creative' template which include changing the navbar to 'sticky-top' and I see that the navbar is removed after scrolling down the page.

What I would like to do is to control just how far down the page the navbar is removed but, after more than an hour, I cannot find just where this control is located.

If anyone can point me to it I would be very grateful!

If the navbar is set to sticky-top, it should never be removed, no matter how far you scroll. Are you placing the navbar in the body, or in a container?

The navbar is in the body in the template as provided by BSS.

I realise that sticky means it shouldn't be removed but in this, and several of the other templates, setting it to be sticky produces the effect I describe and which I quite like. I would just want to change the amount of scroll required to have it disappear earlier.

I figured it out. It's because the BODY is set to height: 100% that effectively is setting the height of the body to the viewport height. So when you reach the viewport height the navbar stop and then gets pushed up off screen. So if you simply add CSS for height:auto; to the BODY element This effect stops happening and the BODY elements height is the sum total of all the elements heights. So for me the BODY height went from 800px to 3800px+ and the sticky nav scrolled all the way down.


Ah, thank you! I have literally spent hours trying to work out what was happening and why it didn't happen on all of the templates. I think I can quote practically every line of the .js and .css files!