pls help First item is horizontal Other vertical

It appears that you are trying to add a submenu to a dropdown that has been changed to flex. I would recommend changing the dropdown back to column and add a row and col to contain the submenu dropdowns.

I did Navbar I didn't touch Navbar Brand, Navbar Toogle, In Navbar Collapse in Nav in Nav Item I deleted 3xLINK I did column (empty column) I did in column row+row+row I set in this column FLEX CONTAINER to INLINE FLEX

I did links

Links should be vertical. are horizontal + no wrap please help First item is horizontal (this one is ok) Other vertical I can't open or close it enter image description here

I think this is what you are trying to acheive ?

Obviously lots of extra work will need to happen with addtional javascript to handle mobile layout etc etc. but this might help you get where you are headed.

After hovering, I want them all at once

enter image description here

There are now 3 dropdowns I want as below enter image description here

drop all at the same time

I would recreate this menu and then go from there....

Check the example again... using the new menu suggestion.

Thanks Twinstream !

it works. how to add the 'open on hover' / close effect?