Need Help for adding Blogs and Autoresponders

Hey everyone,

I recently started using Bootstrap Studio, and so far, I’m impressed with its capabilities for creating eCommerce and static sites. However, I’m looking to build a blog and integrate it with an autoresponder. Bootstrap Studio doesn’t seem to support these features as far as I know(I read many posts beforehand).

Does anyone know of any tools or plugins that could help me add a blog and integrate it with autoresponders to my Bootstrap Studio project? Are there any themes as well that i can use the static website and save time?

I’d appreciate any recommendations or tips you can provide!

Thanks in advance.

Bootstrap Studio is a tool to help design and develop site frontends, for a blogging system you will require a backend to manage content. This is something the developers have said they won’t support.

I have linked a response I gave on a similar form topic below:


I heard about those sites before. Which one is recommended for a beginner to easily manage. As in, after I created the frontend in BSS which one I can integrate to make my work a bit less daunting?

October CMS is what I’ve personally had the most experience with and comes with a blogging system out the box

You can use sanity as backend for your blog and the client side is easy to integrate into bss. You can publish both your blog and sanity studio to a bss hosting or your own server.
read more about sanity

That’s a really interesting solution

Okay I looked them over and for those and although they work, for what I’m trying to achieve wont fit my needs. For now I can create the static page or ecommerce in BSS, but for the blog I’ll use WordPress and use the /blog/ as a subdirectory. I know which plugins for WordPress that will help with security so I ain’t worried. The Navbar will be a little more work redesigning but for what I been through is more than enough.

This took me a while to realize that. Plus with the help of the WP Simply Static plugin, if its a small or a niche blog, if the client isn’t worried about how big the site is going to get it works out for now.

Take a look at, if you like static websites it may be the right fit for you.

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Well I was able to install sanity studio and link using the javascript method. I now have a pet named “Jara”. Now what :hatching_chick:


Unrelated to this topic, do you think this menu that is on the website was done with CSS or JS?


Also just for future knowledge, the tutorial for Sanity + Vanilla JavaScript uses ES6 javascript which was causing a problem fetching the data on a older phone Safari 12 so I converted the ES6 javascript to ES5 and it works fine. It doesnt seem like on Sanity website template(s) for vanilla Javascript - for instance a blog - are not available. Someone should make one…

Here is an example

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Very clever response. :+1:

I think the horizontal “sliding” effect when the mouse hovers from button to button is quite clever. But I couldn’t find the CSS that was doing this using Developer Tools.

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Here is a tutorial on how to do a similar animation on a nav, great channel, using only CSS!

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I think I got it halfway through what I wanted it to do. Sanity however not so much since its a bit harder. Haven’t touched October CMS yet though. All in all This can work for personal blogs if the client wants it for casual stuff and not commercial. IF its commercial however Ill still use WordPress.

Feel free to reach out to me if you like, I can show you OctoberCMS.

I enjoy that you can simply paste in you HTML. Creating static pages or blogs is easy enough. Out of all the solutions I’ve ever used, it’s always worked the best.

It’s even mobile responsive, so you can code on the go :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you for the resource!

Expressionengine seems to currently be kept up to date and I was impressed with the newly released V7 and the new online live editor feature. It has a basic blog in the default template that is installed. I have no experience with it but it has a nice feel to it so far in my testing.

Anyone willing to code in PHP and looking for a CSM I can recommend ProcessWire which is completely free. One does not need to be a PHP veteran to be able to start coding frontend:

There is no “theming system” to learn and work around, as there is nothing to “theme” because all output comes from your own markup. ProcessWire isn’t limited to just HTML either. It can output JSON, XML or any other format you desire, and can serve as an excellent platform for building web services.

The API is based on simple PHP, so you don’t have another tag-scripting language to learn. While some background in PHP helps with more complex tasks, it is not required to develop your sites with ProcessWire. Learn more or see our API reference.

Your design and development process won’t be interrupted by ProcessWire because it’s built to adapt to your way of doing things, not the other way around. Whatever your development tools are, you’ll find them at home with ProcessWire.

Unlike other platforms, you can launch a ProcessWire site and then leave it for years without maintenance or updates (should that be the need). It’s that reliable and secure, and has been since the beginning. When you update ProcessWire, it’s because you want to take advantage of some new feature, not because you are trying to avoid getting hacked.

I’ve been solely using ProcessWire for 8 years to develop blogs, pamphlet sites and currently e-commerce sites. Previously I used WordPress and WooCommerce. After switching to ProcessWire I never looked back and never looked for another CMS as ProcessWire does it all if you take it seriously.

Just visit its forum if you are interested: Forums - ProcessWire Support Forums

Sure, the most natural way to use ProcessWire and BootstrapStudio together is to create the site in BootstrapStudio first and when it is done, its time to export it to HTML/CSS/JS and copy-paste its blocks and bits to the ProcessWire site, using simple PHP to populate the data coming from the database.

It should also be possible to piggyback BootstrapStudio’s export script function to automate things, but that’s something I only partially did once, so I have no extensive experience in such a solution (writing such an export script might not be for the faint-hearted…).

After watching that direction aware effects video I’m beginning to realize that I’m quickly falling behind in my CSS skills. CSS is growing into a kind of pseud-programming language all its own the way you can combine things additively (or subtractively) along with all the variables, transforms, translates and pseudo-classes. People are coming up with some really cool effects that could never have been done before with pure CSS.

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