Need help professionalizing a bss site I created

I have a basic bss site that has all of the user reg/login/reset pw, change email, pw, etc… but need the forms to be repositioned, and a few layout changes, and now about to build a few pages to provide the main content. It will have some table grids, ability to upload and view links to download files, home page with text and an image, and maybe a few other trivial things, mostly forms to collect and display user data. Need someone to help me pretty it up and create the remaining pages (possible more work later on in future), I have all the backend logic, only looking for the front-end design, I will provide you my template I created to extend it. I’m guessing a few hours of work, if I provide the mockups, but who knows. If interested, Pm me rate, where you are located (state/country), your hourly $US rate and references of sites I can take a look at that you created with bss. Ready to start in about a week at most. I did this in the past with another person for a different site, and it worked out well. Thanks.

If this is the wrong place for this, please let me know where else to post it.

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Hello @jeffm,

This sounds like an interesting project. I’d love to be of service to you on this.

I have 4 years experience with Bootstrap Studio designing fast, responsive, elegant sites. I make sure to use semantic HTML practices which guarantees good SEO and accessibility.

I work fast an have plenty of availability. I work with clients who have had a mix of web knowledge, so I have great communication skills and can provide design and implementation advice.

I have some backend development experience so understand requirements and how to tie frontends to backend logic.

I am available at $35/hour. You can see my best, and latest work on my website

I would be excited to help you with your project, and am looking forward to discussing this further with you soon.