Nested Accordion naming / opening issue

I have a main accordion that is automatically named “accordion-1” by BSS. In each Item in this main accordion, I have inserted an accordion. Each item is automatically named “item-1” with numbers incrementing. The trouble is if the parent “item-1” is open, it automatically opens the child accordion with the corresponding item number. So, if you open Parent Item-1, it opens with Child Item-1 open, Parent Item-2 opens with Child Item-2 open, etc. Because certain things are locked, I can’t see how to change the name of the Items and it won’t convert to HTML to change there.

Any ideas or knowledge about how to change names or get around it would within the BSS framework would be great. I’m afraid I’m not good at JS, so JS options would probably need too much how-to for me to use without annoying the provider.

Thank you!

Do you mean like this?

I do - and I’ve done this before and had the same result you show. However, this is my first Bootstrap 5 website with nested accordions and I can’t seem to change the item name so the child of the parent with the same name “item-x” doesn’t open.

Thank you for reading and asking!