Nested dropdowns

Is there a way to do nested dropdown in a navbar without editing the HTML?

There are drop-downs in the components of BSS, you should be able to add them directly into your menu, and you "should" (I say should as I haven't tried it, I use other 3rd party menus) be able to drag them within a dropdown as well.

Yes Jo is correct.

to do this simply drag your nav bar into a design, then drag and drop a 'drop down' component into said nav.

then to add items and headings, you just use the inbuilt options which will appear when drop down component is selected.

Cool, I already dropped a dropdown in the navbar. But can I insert a dropdown within a dropdown menu?

Any other third part software that could do this?

Did you try to insert it into the dropdown? That would be the easiest and fastest way to know if you can do it or not lol. :P

well.. yes I tried that. It just drops que dropdown menu under de nav bar :(

-- JL

Hmm seems that Bootstrap does not support nested dropdowns anymore. Unless someone else has an alternative, you will probably need to use a 3rd party menu like I do. I use Yamm Menu 3 which is a mega menu that you can customize however you want it and it works pretty good so far. There are a handful of other 3rd party menu apps and online creators, but to be honest I haven't yet found one that is all that great other than Yamm.

If anyone else has any ideas or alternative menus, please share. :)