Nested linked elements?

The linked elements are great when using multiple instances of the same area on different pages or even on the same page. However, it would be nice to be able to nest linked elements, which is currently not possible.

Below is an example:

Component A and Component B are two different components, which in practice would also have different content, but should appear multiple times on different pages. However, both share the element AB, which should always be the same. So it would make sense to make element AB a linked element as well, which is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

(Div Profile Pic should be a linked element on it’s own but can’t because it’s parent is already linked.)

Could this be provided in a future version? What do you think?

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Nesting linked components would be a useful feature to have but there are a few complications. The main problem is it can lead to circular dependencies (a component is nested inside itself) and other issues that could potentially corrupt someone’s design.

If there is interest we could find some workarounds to make nesting possible, but for now it’s better to be on the safe side.

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I’m pretty sure you can tell if the current instance to be added is also a parent instance. This “problem” exists in any framework or program that works with symbols or components and can be catched just fine.