New component request - Twitter feed, google analystics, cookie consent

Hi BSS devs,

Would be great if you guys could create the following components that allow us as users to insert API specifics

  • twitter feed
  • google analytics

also would be great to have a

  • cookie consent - with options to have at it display at top or bottom with options


I would concur with the above particularly analytics but would also add:

  • Google Adwords

Thank you for the suggestion! These will be a good fit for the app.

In version 2.5.2 we added support for custom html in the head tag, which likely makes a separate Google Analytics component unnecessary. But I will love to hear what options you would need a dedicated Google Analytics component to have.

Apologies Martin I probably could have made my description clearer but would be great if users could have a menu option on the side panel (like the map component api option) .

However if this has been added in the head options in page settings I'll look here and if so could descope that item

I just got asked from my adwords specialist, to add a code inside the HEAD of all pages. The custom HEAD area is great for that.
The question is that he also asked me to add a custom code at the beggining of the BODY in all pages. I had to had the code manually in all pages. It would be great to have an option in the same custom HEAD area to add that code in all pages too.

Thanks for developing such a great software

I’ve already requested this feature with a very specific and detailed example of how it could be implemented. You can read the thread here. @Martin commented on the thread, so he is aware of our desire for this feature.