Feature Request - ability to add custom HTML to other places on the page

Other's have asked for this, it would definitely come in handy, and I can't see it being that hard to implement, so I'm humbly suggesting this as an improvement, and have even created a graphic for reference of how it might look. enter image description here

+1 as I can see where that would come in very handy for a few scripts I'm using too.

Great job with the mockup, it makes the idea quite a bit clearer :) As for the options themselves (assuming they aren't only for illustrative purposes):

  • What would Before HTML and After HTML mean?
  • Where would code set to "Inside Body" be inserted?

Not sure on the "inside body" part, but I'm pretty sure what he means about the Before and After HTML would be like

Code here before HTML
code inside head
Place where code would always show up inside body maybe?
Code here after HTML

@Jo I don't think it's ok to add code after </html>

i'd say the correct naming is "code before closing </head> tag and before closing </html> tag" or something like that.

It's not about if it's ok with you Marrco, it's about the need for it as well as the need for more control of what goes where. As for what is correct, I'm going by the handful of posts I've seen recently from people asking for the ability to add code before or after the HTML which would be as I showed above. If it's wrong, then the person that should correct me would be Printninja since he posted the idea.

This should clarify. The reason for wanting to be able to add before the HTML is because I have a PHP script that when placed before the HTML creates a password-protected page at the server level.

Inside head: I believe the placement would remain unchanged

Inside body: I've had clients send me scripts from some 3rd party companies companies where they asked that they be entered before the start of the page's body HTML.

After HTML: I've had scripts that, for whatever reason, only worked properly when placed after the pages completely loaded. Maybe a bit "hacky" but sometimes you just gotta solve a problem for a client with whatever you can make work. I'm not sure if this is best practices, but since it would be at the user's discretion, I can't see it being a big deal.

Here's an image to further clarify

enter image description here

This would be great, and maybe another option to add more script tags right before the closing body tag (but still under the jQuery/bootstrap calls).

I’m giving this a bump since it was looked at once but does not seem to have ever gotten any further consideration after I created the requested mockup. Just wondering if it’s still on the dev’s radar? @Martin

I think this is now no longer optional. It’s something that needs to be added to BSS. Google Analytics is not requesting that their script be added before any other head content. It’s not really necessary on static sites, but I understand their reasoning. I’m going to post this as a separate new post as well.

(Of course, only one toggle would be selectable at a time, since it’s just showing that section of the HTML.)