New Feature: Add Comments

I watched the link some users posted here. Some are really interesting. Someone coded a slider, or a menue, or something else.

Now I try to put some of them into Bootstrap Studio, and most of them work fine.

I would like to put them after in a library for other Bootstrap Studio Users.

But as I "steal" the code from others... there should be a notice where the original is came from.

Now I put it in a "custom code" <!-- comments --> but it is only seen, when edit the custom-code

So my idea:

make a new component "comment"

this component should be able to inserted everywhere between the normal components.

With this we can

  • write used copyrights, or something
  • we can write tags to find places where php-coder can replace code after export
  • long html-code will be easier to understand

And for Drag-and-Drop features... If this component could be dragged to the CSS and Java Window an it is inserting an //* comment **/ that'll be nicer :)

This would be great! I second that. Regards Carl

Thank you for the suggestion! Instead of a separate component, maybe we can make comments in custom code be displayed in the HTML panel. Do you think this will help with your use case?

If this it to much time to make... the custum code would be good way.

Nothing has to be perfect at the beginning... it enough to be able to get a workaround :)

I use custom code snippets for HTML comments, but a similar feature in the CSS would be awesome. Even being able to create a new CSS snippet that was not a normal snippet or did not have a media query attached but was simply had the {} replaced with /* */ would make life so much easier. We can all ready drag and drop the components so that would more or less be enough to let us get the job done.

Yes, we need comments in html and css

You can make HTML comments using custom code. The big thing we're missing at the moment is CSS comments.

Not sure how I missed this post, but +1111111 for comments in CSS

Also would love to see Custom Code comments show in the HTML window too, that would be great and pretty much a perfect solution Martin.