New feature in BSS, or setting in site template, Mobile preview?

I even thought it was a dream, but no, I managed to find it again and I still don’t know how to apply it to my projects, would any friends know how to tell me where I can find information about this?
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The options you’re referring to are only available on the first five templates that you see when you start a new design. They have a gold star with a circle around them (see pic below.) After you start your new project, you access the options by clicking the large blue circle with the “+” sign at the bottom right of the workspace.

The first two templates also have a yellow circle that turns comments on or off. The comments are visible when you hover over components with yellow circles on them (in this case the three parallax components.) These components have custom speed options that can be adjusted through the Options panel. The comments explain how to adjust the speed.

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