New Fonts Management panel bugs [fixed in 2.6.3]

In the new fonts management system I noticed 2 bugs:

  1. When I import a font with more than the default weight (usually 400), the generated link omits the default weight, so I cannot use it.

For example the link is,500

When it should be,400,500

  1. When I import a font with more than the default sets/languages, the generated link has an extra 'amp':

For example the link is,500&subset=cyrillic-ext

When it should be,500&subset=cyrillic-ext

Hiya psithu,

While we wait on an answer/fix for that, you can add the fonts to your page head or to all page headers using the properties of the page. To add it to a specific page just right click over the page name in the Pages list and choose properties, then choose the tab for Head and add the code you would usually add to the head of an HTML page. To add it to all pages go to the top of BSS and choose the little arrow next to the Export word on the Export button and the click the Export Options popup to open the Export settings. The tabs at the top will allow you to add things to "all" pages so if you add something in the Head Content section, that will be on all pages, same for Meta tags. Hope that helps for now. :)

Hello! Yes, I'm aware of the workaround that you describe.

I has a drawback though: The preview inside bootstrap studio doesn't reflect the changes from fonts inserted in this manner.

In any case, I think that this is something that can be easily fixed in the next version, so long as someone alerted the developers about it, so that's what I did :)

Thanks for reporting this! We will fix this in the upcoming 2.6.3 release. It should be out sometime next week.

Thanks for the quick reply! :)

I can confirm that the issue has been resolved in the latest release. Great job guys, keep it up!