New forum section - General chat

Do other members of the community think it would be a good idea to have a new section for general chit chat about bootstrap studio and other bootstrap related topics?

+10000000 lol, absolutely, it would help. Then lock out those that aren't paid customers from posting in the rest of the forums to cut down on all this spam we've been getting lately! That alone would be a major help! Has to be a way to do that in these forums where people could just be allowed entry upon the forum admin's checking to be sure they have a paid subscription.

Granted, if you're thinking that a new forum for general chat will help keep spam at bay then forget that idea, spammers don't care what forum they post in and as you saw the last few days, they will spam multiple forums just because they can. A new forum for general chat would be good for "us", but not for fighting the spammers without having privacy setups for the forums setup.

The spam the last couple days has increased quite a bit. Setting up a private forums for paid customers would allow us to ignore it completely, because we wouldn't have to subscribe to that general forum at all then so we wouldn't be spammed by it. Might be a little extra work, but I can't imagine it would be all that much to do. Yes, the app is getting more popular, but not to the point of hundreds of accounts a day or anything I'm sure (unless they are spammers).

There are usually lots of ways to implement forum privacy such as: Set up the forums to only activate an account manually by the admin. Set up multiple admin levels and give multiple people the ability to do this as long as they have access to the purchase status of a person. Sure users have to wait just a little bit to get entry into the main forums, but it would be worth not getting spammed in my email every time some jerk posts spam here. Put an announcement notice on the top of the forums and add it to your email purchase receipts and thank you messages to tell them to use the same email they used when ordering. Add a field to the signup form for the forums to ask for their purchase number. Basically create the fastest and easiest ways for you to verify they are paid customers. Then when they sign up just check the list of paid customers and if there's a match, they get in and if not they don't.

Just my 10 cents, or maybe it's 20 cents at this point as I've mentioned this quite a few times already lol. Just gets annoying to have to get spammed in my email just to keep up with the forums. :/

Sounds like a good idea. I'm here to learn about Bootstrap Studio and to get help from the serious members here when I hit a roadblock and cannot figure out what to do. So far Chris and Saj have helped me a lot with their answers for my queries.

Posting sports scores and other irrelevant junk have no place in this forum and there should be a way to be able to report it or prevent it. The idea from Jo could work, but the underlying problem would still be there. People could still post garbage in the unpaid user forum. Wouldn't it be better to just report them and get them kicked out?

It would be ideal if there could be a Spam checker for forums, like there are for emails. 99% of the Spam is caught by my Thunderbird Spam checker. Between the artificial intelligence and black and white lists, very little junk gets through. Any possibility of this train of thought?

Hey guys! Sorry that we hadn't caught the spam earlier. We are in the midst of an extensive rewrite and I didn't monitor the forums closely. I will try to be more active here from now on.

As for the general forum, this might lead to quite a bit of noise and offtopic discussions. But of course if you guys want it we would be happy to make it.

Yes please, it won't matter if it's general as this way I won't set it to email me for changes in that forum like I have all the others setup for. As I said though, it isn't going to stop the spammers unless they don't have access to the rest of the forums, it will just give them one more place to post in is all lol. Either way though for the users I think it would be a good idea.

I think that the section should be monitored and not be full of crap, but just general bootstrap related topics and a place for others to talk about web design / developer related queries.

That way we keep the help and support section repeated to bootstrap studio queries and let's other members discuss other things

Hi, I'd just like to say he first place I looked for was a General area so I could say thank you and introduce myself. Here seems as good a place as any! Great piece of software (I'm a Dreamweaver user for over 15 years, with experience in dynamic applications development). Bootstrap Studio fits in well as a prototyping tool, don't know how I didn't know about it before...? Anyway just wanted to say hi. And yes, a General area would be great!

Also thank you for Bootstrap Studio and it's fantastic price!! Really looking forward to working with it.


Welcome Dave ?

Thank you kindly Chris :)

Hiya Dave,

Coming from Dreamweaver myself I know what you mean on this app being awesome. To be honest, I have barely touched Dreamweaver since starting to use this app other than the handful of client sites that I haven't gotten transferred over to BSS, I'm working on it! lol. When I do use DW it's just small updates to a page or 2 so I've pretty much stopped developing new things in it. Eventually all my sites will be done with this app and I use external editors only for fine tuning code due to the windows being a bit small sometimes for larger code blocks in Custom Code, and the occasional text that comes out of a Word doc from my clients and I need to copy it out of it as that doesn't paste well in BSS, a little tip for you there if you use Word at all or your clients do. BSS tends to strip some spaces out so I use a basic text editor to paste to before pasting into BSS.

All around a full app really, not much you really need an external builder for unless you're working with extras like PHP and such and need that versatility which BSS doesn't have.

Welcome to the forums and enjoy the ride! :)