New requirements for favicons

Google now has different requirements for favicons: they must be a multiple of 48px square.

Please make changes to the program.

The 192px size is already in the favicons setting

48 x 4=192px

Exactly! The only thing left to do is make changes in the other settings fields :wink:

What other field settings? You only need one icon with the 48*x dimension.

These are not new requirements, that page has been the same since 2022 if not before.

This is much better than BSS built in favicon support.

Do you mean to fill only “iOS Home Screen (180x180),” “Android Home Screen (192x192),” “Android Splash Screen (512x512)” and leave “Favicon (16x16),” “Favicon Dark (16x16),” “Favicon (32x32)” and “Favicon Dark (32x32)” blank altogether?

You are probably best to fill in all of them, the majority of current browsers will use the 192px icon, but it is worth using a generator as printninja suggested and using all the favicons as a fallback