New Table Option: Fixed Table Header

Makes large tables more usable by having the table header stick to the top of the table. Greets AG

Poor rationale or justification for making this change and I don't see the benefits or this.

Can you just not control this via CSS yourself?

@Chris Well, i am pretty sure that is a nice feature inside the UI. And maybe some people wanted to use BOOTSTRAP STUDIO as it is: A drag and drop tool for non programmers, who wants to make nice Websites. I am interested what the developers of BS think about the Idea.

And i have implement a fixed <thead> by myself, of course!

Regards, AG

A drag and drop tool for non programmers, who wants to make nice Websites

I'm definitely against this. YMMV

@marrco Please, don't get my wrong. In the past, i am used to write my sites with vi. Starting with BS last year gives more speed in writing sites, it is a great tool. BS made life easier with the DnD functionality. And to be honest, you can do nice sites without having any programmer skills, am i wrong ;-) Regrads, AG

Thank you for this suggestion! Adding more diverse built-in components and themes is on our roadmap. But introducing more settings to existing components will make the already long set of options even longer. Maybe the fixed table header will be better handled by including a jQuery or Bootstrap plugin that does this.