New user - is it possible to use Bootstrap 5 examples in Bootstrap Studio?


I want to see if there was a way to use examples from the Bootstrap Docs page (Examples · Bootstrap v5.1) in Bootstrap Studio? Specifically, I was looking to see if the sidebar examples could be added as a component, or a template could be somehow utilised? I’m guessing not and the I would need to recreate these.

The sidebar navigation example in the Bootstrap Studio examples (Sidebar Navigation | Bootstrap Studio) uses Bootstrap 4 (and converting it screws up the CSS for some reason), but it is not really what I’m looking for either.


Hiya @swin and welcome to the forums!

If you look in the Bootstrap Studio Components listing under UI there is a Structure category. In there is a setup for a sidebar. So far it’s working fine for me, I just used it for a recent client. See if that might do the trick.

There is a lot of the examples already in BSS, I’m not sure if they are the same as what’s on the page of examples or not, but go through them and you should be able to tell pretty easily. Hope that helps.

Ta and thanks @jo-r, I actually started there and then dismissed it pretty quickly. I don’t think this is going to give me what I want to achieve (which is similar to Dashboard Template · Bootstrap v5.1), or perhaps it’s just the need to get my head around how Bootstrap Studio works. I think it is probably easier working with the raw code than trying to make things fit into a very structured setting.