New User looking for premade Templates

i purchased bss yesterday. Apart from the fact thats not possible to edit html code directly in the editor, am happy so far ! I am wondering if theres any premade and open source templates with multiple pages (index, gallery, about etc)

There are a couple when you first open a new design that you can choose from and more default templates to be provided soon.

But if you want a library of different templates then you will have to create these yourself.

thanks for your answer,

i just found out that all of my pages are stored inside the *.bsdesign file, thats good, but am i allowed to share it ?

Share with who? What are you looking to do ?

to share with other bss users ?

I bought bss to build myself a homepage, if there were any preconfigured templates (with index, gallery, about etc) i just had to change text and pictures instead of starting from scratch