New website I built for a financial advisement company

Here’s a recent site I just completed. Fairly simple/straightforward, but the client is quite happy. I designed their logo, business cards and letterhead first, and then matched the look & feel in their website. Even created a favicon to match his new logo.


Professional looking site, great work! Was design made using bootstrap studio?

Very nice @printninja as @vladeeeek already said, very professional. Lovely design too very pleasing to the eye and functional as can be. Kudos!

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Yes, website totally done in Bootstrap Studio. Graphics done in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Looks great! Question though, how did you get the Google Maps API to work? I tried using that in a project I started working on and I couldn’t get it to work. I went through a tutorial on YouTube for creating a Google Maps API key but I must have missed something because when I copy-paste the API key in the API key box it doesn’t work. It just shows up blank.

There’s no need to go to YouTube (especially since it probably wasn’t a Bootstrap Studio tutorial video. Just follow the instructions in the BSS Tutorial for the Map component…

FYI, you don’t even need to use this if you don’t want to. You can just go to Google Maps in your browser, enter your business and when it comes up, go to the hamburger menu at the top of the left sidebar and from the drop down choose “share or embed map.” A window will pop up that says Share
and there will be two links Send a link or Embed a map. Choose embed a map and copy the code. Then you just use the custom code component to embed the map in your website via an iframe. There are a few options in the code such as the width and height, which you can edit after you past the code into the BSS custom code component. I usually set the width to 100%, and the height to whatever height I want the map to be.

This also has (what I believe) is the advantage of Google Map’s “loading=lazy” feature which I do not think BSS’s Map component offers (in fact I should post that as a question/idea in the Ideas category.)

When I did back-to-back tests on Google Page Speed Insights, it did seem to show that when the map is embedded using the custom code and Google’s iframe code, there are fewer render-blocking resources loaded, and the page rendered more quickly then when I used the BSS Map component.

Gotta ask Martin about this.

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Thank you! Wow, that was way easier than I thought lol but that’s why I’m still learning.

Looks very nice. On my iPad, everything seems functional at both rotations.