New website with BBS - A tourism business

Hi guys, I would like you to present my new project, a tourism business located in the desert of Chile.



Very nice website. I like the color schemes, the photos and the background imagery. The website is also technically excellent. Great job!

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On a mobile some of the text goes over the whatsapp image, you can fix this by changing the z-index to a higher value on your whatsapp class.


There also seems to be a problem with your ssl


Apart from that, very nice.

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Hi Richards, thanks for yours observations, I will fix the WhatsApp icon. With regard of the SSL, I don’t know what happen, because the certificate is install and if you notice when you use Chrome in the other pages like contact or culture there is a SSL certificate, so I don’t know why is no available on the index. In safari there isn’t any SSL certificate, and neither don’t know why.


Try changing the url of your video to https:

<source src="" type="video/mp4">

Also you have an error in your custom.js caused because it it trying to run jquery code, where jquery isn’t being loaded. So you can probably remove the file.

woowww!! nice.

really I don’t know JS so the custom file was only a copy paste code for the navbar. How I can fix that problem? and for the video it was a test only, so I will delete the file.


You can just delete the custom.js file

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