New Year New Site

So I thought it was time to update the site, inspired by one of the great themes in Bootstrap Studio. Managed to get it pretty much ‘Lighthouse’ friendly.

Added a basic rough ‘guide’ pricing calculator. Added some rich text and created an AMP page in the hope it may help with SEO… hmmm. I also integrated a Wordpress blog so I could start talking the wonderful language of geek :wink:

Anyway enough of my jibber jabber.


Nice, love the pricing calculator. BTW the link to “Contact us” on that page gives a 404 (linked to general.html)

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Thanks R, and for the heads up on the bum link, all sorted now.

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This looks nice, good showcase! Can I ask what you’re using for the blog? Is it just static without a CMS? I see some WP in the source code but I wasn’t sure.

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I added a Wordpress install and edited the footer/header.php to mirror the style of the site.

Nice. My only criticism is that the exposed plain text email is like rolling out the welcome mat for spammers.

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Thanks for that, all sorted now.

The mobile menu button does not work when you’re on the Blog page.