Newbie: I can't create a simple content - sidebar page

I have drug about every combo onto the "stage" but I can't create a simple header-content-area-footer page with a sidebar. The "sidebar" tool doesn't seem to do anything. Are there any predefined empty page "templates" available?

I had to create my own from scratch, it's not that hard really, but takes a little patience to work through it. I've not tried the sidebar setup at all that comes in the components so I've no idea how it works. There aren't any templates for BSS other than those that are included.

Thanks for the reply. Guess I'll take off on my own---like you did.

Yw, I'd share my setup, but I'm still working on "genericking" it lol. I didn't really create a template that I can just share as I just built the site itself. I'm working on making it a generic template that can be shared at some point though. I may wait until Bootstrap 4 is implemented so I can utilize Flexbox features easier for the main setups.

Try talking a look at the following and see how they have ahcevied this mark up

If you drag in a header and footer - the in between those add in a container > row > then inside the row add x2 Columns > first column is then set to 8 cols and the other to be 4.

The col that is 4 cols wide is effectively your side bar and you out all content in that.

Have I understood correctly what your trying to do?

An additional question. I did what I "think" you suggested and I have my two columns. BUT, how do you put additional items inside a column? I assume that one of the columns ( the "content" one ) can be used to put various text, widgets, etc. into. I wanted to set up a "two column" section in the content column, followed by a three column section. I can't drop columns inside columns.


Search for a 'div' and then drag that it into your column and away you go ?

As said if in doubt use web developer tools in browsers like chrome and look at how others have done this.

Also may be worth wire framing out your design and then work what components you need.

Got it. Thanks much for your help.