Hi I am new to web development. I am wondering is there a way to get your .bsdesign file to open in VS Code? Thanks in advance.

No. .bsdesign files are compressed files which contain all your website's resources...HTML, CSS, javascript, and images.

If you want to edit the HTML, CSS or JS, you have to export your website to a folder, and then you can edit the files in an editor of your choice. Of course, if you make changes to your project in BSS and re-export it, any changes made in external editors will be overwritten (unless you move/rename the edited versions of the files.)

To my knowledge, from within Bootstrap Studio, the only thing you can edit in an external editor like VS Code are your custom CSS files. You can do this by going to the Styles panel, clicking on the three vertical dot menu, and choosing > Open in (and pick your editor of choice.)