Newspaper classified look and feel

I would like to recreate a newspaper classified look and feel, so I pull X number of ads and I have them in cards - I don’t want the number in the rows to be fixed but want Bootstrap to auto wrap the cards, I hope I’m explaining it well. I have done this before but can’t find my my sandbox solution - I have a version working outside BSS but not sure if it is best practice version. Any pointer will be appreciated. Regards.

I would just use flex.

A more newspaper feel can be achieved with column-count etc. But thats a lot more work getting that to work well.

Search the online components for “Ultimate Masonry Testimonials”.

This is a component I created which (I believe) displays content in the manner you’re describing. Although I used divs instead of cards, you should be able to put cards in place of the divs, and modify it to suit your needs. The wrapping is done using standard BSS grid and flex components (rows and columns) combined with this Masonry cascading grid JavaScript library

You can see a live example here (resize the browser window width to see the reflow effect)