Next release long overdue?

Ive noticed that there have been no roadmap updates since October 2023, now about 7 months past, and that there have been no new releases since early January 2024, which seems to be unusual based on the change history.

Are new updates coming, will the roadmap continue to recieve updates, and is the Boostrap Studio team and company ok?

I’ve been a Bootstrap Studio user for years and for the last couple of months I too have been wondering why timely updates have stopped. Bootstrap Studio is a stellar product that’s worked its way into being a critical piece of product development. Please comment on the status of Bootstrap Studio.

The last version update was in January, so the software is still being updated. Just not in major ways.

This may have to do with the fact that Bootstrap itself has not been updated since 5.3 came out last February. I would guess that as long as the software supports all the features in the current version of the Bootstrap Framework, there’s not a lot they can add (although, they did add A.I. support not long ago.)

Some ideas have been proposed for improvements to the UI, and hopefully these are in the works. Personally, I’d like to see better multi-monitor support, the ability to save workspaces, and arrange panels.

Our next update should be out in a few weeks. We implemented a lot of features that were suggested on the forum. We are grateful to all of you who share your feedback!

From the start of this year we decided to slow down our release schedule and focus on stability, fixing bugs and adding meaningful improvements. Bootstrap Studio is a mature application now and already has a lot of functionality. The old way of having a major update every month will only lead to feature bloat and make the app worse overall.


Thanks for the update Martin. Much appreciated.

Great news. Great product. Thanks for update.