No AI generated images


I’ve entered a API key and some charges are showing but the images are just blank.

What am I doing wrong?

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I haven’t seen this issue before. When creating your OpenAI key did you enable write access to the images endpoint?


I am encountering the same problem, the images are indeed created, when I export the images from the app, I can view the image, but in bootstrap studio, it is clear the image is created since it is listed on the the right side of the interface, but it is not shown in the main interface, so it is not viewable in the app.

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Can you email us one of the images that you can’t see in the app but can see on your computer after you export it?

Also, after you press the OK button in the dialog and the app prompts you to optimize it, does changing the file type have an effect?

This is one

We will need the original png file. The forum software compresses and re-encodes the images.

optimizing the image, allows you to preview the image, simultaneously importing it into your design, but going back to the AI Generator doesnt allow you have a view of your generated images just like seen in the original post.

I will send the png file to your email, your email link doesnt allow file attachments anyway. but will send it momentarily.

Thank you for reporting this issue and sending example images! We were able to reproduce this problem. It will be fixed in our upcoming update later this week.


Thanks for the hard work you put into making this tool wonderful yet affordable.

Today’s update has fixed the issue. Thanks very much