No editable areas

Hi, I was just wondering, is it possible, or could you add the feature to edit the non editable areas? I have to go in after I export each time and change stuff that is in the non editable areas. I would like to be able to change the css file location from the standard "assest/blah blah/css file here" to " blah/css file here". If that is possible, I would love for it to be implemented.

I wouldn't expect the file structure to change at all. That would cause a lot of recoding to allow that. Just use it as it is and leave it alone and you'll save yourself some valued time. There should be no reason that you need to change the paths other than "preference" so just get used to it and you'll be glad you did in the end. I felt the same as you do when I started with BSS a couple years + ago and I'm used to it now and it's no bother at all. It's actually more professional the way it is and it allows me to keep my files separate from my other directories meaning I can always delete the Assets directory without fear of deleting anything else on the site because I don't add anything to it ever. It's actually a pretty clever set up. Try it for a while as is and you'll see what I mean.

As for the editable areas, you'll need to be more specific on that.