No image dimensions in img tag?

Why doesn't BSS automatically add image height and width values when dragging an image onto the page?

not a good idea imho.

Why do you think it should?

The proper way is to resize your images so that they are the correct size(s). If you specify a width or height you are removing the responsiveness of the image which allows it to shrink automatically along with the screen size.

ok ... I guess I'm still too old school ... I was taught to always include image dimensions in the img src tag, so that the browser doesn't have to take the time to read the dimension when the page is loading ...

Please note that I am NOT wanting to use the img src tag dimensions to resize an image to a size other than its normal size. All my images are sized and saved in Photoshop.

I understand, but will they be correctly sized for a phone and tablet as well? If they are not that small, then that's when you need the fluid setting that Bootstrap gives you the ability to add so they resize automatically to fit any device. You don't need to use the imgsrc tag for that at all. Give it a shot and you'll see what I mean. Add your image, then go to the settings for that image and you will see the little on/off button for the responsive setting. Turn that on and that should be all you need to do to make them responsive.