No Installed Bootstrap Themes

Hello all,

I'm currently going through on of the official tutorials and I'm trying to change my bootstrap theme, but when I go to the themes tab in my setting it says "You don't have any themes yet."

From what I understand BSS already comes with several pre-installed themes - if this is true does anyone know where I can find mine?

Please see the image below for my issue.

Thanks in advance!!

Try reinstalling the app, they should be there.

Themes are different than templates. Themes are found when you go to settings and the under "Design" choose "Bootstrap" and then you will see "Manage Themes". Open the dropdown and you will see them.

Ohh got it! I seem them, thanks!

thankyou twinstream!!

You can also see how the built in themes look by going to this site which is pretty much where they came from. Helps you choose esier than having to swap them around in the app :)


I also get the "You have no installed themes" displayed under themes in the settings and had to go to Bootstrap in the settings (didn't have the readable one form the video).

Have they removed the themes button at the top or does that only appear when you install new ones?


Sorry for the confusion, that video is a bit old. In earlier versions of Bootstrap Studio there was a Themes button in the main menu, but we changed it to Settings, to reflect that the button gives access to quite a bit more than just themes.

Thanks Martin