no run bootstrap studio on windows10 ver.1703 (creator update)

i've using windows operating system. (ver 1703 creator update)

when i click the icon, there is no response anything.

i tried to install bootstrap studio 64bit and 32bit, but no run. help me. T.T

You need to open a support ticket which will get you better results than posting on the forums. Use the Contact Us link in the menu at the top to contact the company to help you with this issue.

Just for reference, I am using Win10 Pro v1703 and Bootstrap Studios (32bit) without problems.

Is there a 64bit version? hehe never noticed. :)


So I just download and installed the 64bit version for Win10.

It installed fine I did not install over the top of my 32bit version.

I can run either version, but not at the same time. I am assuming that you might have a version that has not closed down properly. Try looking in your Task Manager to see if Bootstrap Studio is still running and end it's task then try running either version or reboot your PC and try running it again.

If still nothing happening after that, find your ".bsdesign" files and back them up and then uninstall both versions reboot reinstall the version you want to run and try that.

Other than that, the Dev's might have more info to help.


I submitted a trouble-ticket, but wanted to add on in case others have the problem and a solution is posted here. Yesterday, my system installed the Windows 10 Creator's Update and while Bootstrap Studio will come up and running, none of my designs will open. Reading here, I didn't know there was a 64-bit version and I do have a 64-bit machine, so I installed it. Neither the 32-bit or 62-bit versions of the software will open a design. Before I installed the 64-bit version, ONE design would open and none of the rest of them. Now, none will open on either version. I'm hoping this can be fixed because I love Bootstrap Studio and dread the thoughts of having to go back solely to Dreamweaver.

To add to my earlier post - I apologize . . . I mean the October 2017 FALL Creator Update was the update that created problems for me in Bootstrap Studio. It also created other problems in that a bunch of my Apps are no longer on the Start Menu, and to add insult . . . it wouldn't go back to the restore point before the update.