Not All Online Component Appear in Panel

Not all online components appear in the panel. I only realized it when some of the components I shared didn’t appear in the panel either.

As you can see in the screenshot, only a few online components appear on the “All” tab.

But when I try to find it, the components just appear.

This is strange behavior in my opinion, can this be confirmed as a bug?
Also, how to confirm that our component is work with older boostrap version or not? Since we can’t import the marked component, so we can’t test it and make it suitable for older version :"

It isn’t a bug, it shows the 15 most popular components and the 15 latest components

Hmm, did you think it is a good UX? As user, i expecting that All tab should show all of components, not only popular and trending components.

All is meaning all versions of bootstrap (3/4/5) rather than all components

I would think that most people would use the search function to find what they need, rather than just browsing what is available.


Martin said below of one older threads that they will try to improve the component searching functionality, but its not their priority atm, so we could have expect some changes to this searching feature in the future. I found by myself that this searching is working really bad, and its not ux friendly and it seems like theres no enough components meanwhile in reality theres much more and we’re missing alot of them by how the search bar works

Going to sound a bi of a b*tch here, but looking through earlier at some of the ‘components’ that have been shared online, a lot are a waste of time. Looks like lots are just people seeing how it works. Found quite a few with just a non-styled paragraph with just a word or two in it. Also quite a few that look good, but on preview it’s just a block of custom code, so not really an editable component.


Yeah it’s been a complaint for a while on how the Online Components work. You shoulda been here when it was first there (not even sure I was lol, almost 5 years for me, not sure when it was added). Anyways there was nothing but a search. No filters of any kind, no rating system, and a flood of nothing but junk! It’s actually come a long ways since then.

The hardest was when we went from BS3 to BS4 … OMG it was awful! No way to know what BS version a component was until you added it (because 3 and 4 were backwards compatible), the screenshots were sticking (kind of like they are now which I need to report) and it took forever to find anything at all.

Now at least we can specify BS version, use the ratings to get an idea if something is good, and so on. Lots to go yet I’m sure, but I’m ok with it at this point till other things are done.


A BSS component or template store should be created for those who want to purchase a full bss editable template. With qualified people who really know how to handle BSS in a professional way and who sell state-of-the-art components and templates. Only then will the online store in bss improve, because there is motivation involved. The money.

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I think it would be also cool for BSS team if they could get some small % from components/templates being sold in bss :smiley:

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No Offense meant guys, but BSS is a web design software, not a marketing software and personally I hope not to see all this garbage added in there. You’re perfectly free to create a site and sell whatever you want of BSS sites, components etc. There’s no restrictions there so the usage is open to do so.

But come on, selling in BSS? That means they need someone to police and go through everything before it’s added to the stores so we don’t get some the garbage stuff that’s on there now. I don’t think they intend to do that, they can correct me if I’m wrong but … history shows they are not wanting to police the way the Online components are now, so why would they want to with all of this? I don’t think the small % would cover the cost of another employee to police this stuff.

Just MHO. Sell away, but do it on your own please :confused:

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The idea is that there is an expert who believes it, I just gave an idea. But hey, whoever dares to publish their website.

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I have found the vast majority of online components to be of very little use. Far too many are just poorly made, or worse, just custom code blocks of HTML copied from wherever.

In most cases I can never find something to solve the particular need I have, so I end up making my own component (and in some cases, I’ll share the ones I make.)

All my shared components begin with “Ultimate”, so they’re easy to find with a search (and because I’m so modest lol.)

Until now, I downloaded seven shared components and deleted three. The remaining ones are all about lorem ipsum content :joy: Well, in my opinion, a components marketplace would be of little interest because the ones that master website building would just use it as a source of inspiration (no need to buy, you just need to see the result to figure out the internal) and the one that don’t master websites building always finish by hiring a dev or give the broken project to a freelance (both being in the first category). In both cases, the ones who would build components for a living would be disappointed to see they worked hard for nothing (and I worked hard for nothing so often in my life that I can modestly have a lighted opinion – sic!).