Not opening correctly


There is a problem on the new version of BSS. When I'm working on a project, everything is good and so on. But if I want to work on the same work at different day (that includes powering off computer) something strange happens and it won't load project. It would show white paper, but a lot smaller than there is on a new project. I need to go to different responsive views, create new page, delete it, and press random things until my design comes back.

See the picture: Everything on overview is there, but nothing preview window.

Also, see this picture: It doesn't load anything in HTML view.


Sorry that you've run into problems! Can you send us the bsdesign file that is causing this issue? You can find our email on our contact us page.

It's not project specific problem. It happens to any random project I open. And also, sometimes it works good. So I don't really know how to help you to debug the problem. I have also checked older projects with older bootstrap version, same problem occurs, but not all the time. If it will help, there is one project that I tested and it's not working until I create new page:

I opened that bsdesign a few times, and works fine here. Windows 10 fully updated and latest BSS.

I will try reinstalling BSS then. Because I also have windows 10, and its fully updated too.

how much memory do you have? 16 GB here, maybe you're low on that.