Not the full view of my website created with BootStrap Studio.

In the following picture you can see the problem I want to report to. when I save a project and want to render, or post it to my web. then the entire page does not appear, or the footer appears only in its entirety. this problem I have encountered since the last 2 versions of the bootstrap studio. I hope to fix this problem.

Image View:

This is not a Bootstrap Studio issue in my opinion. It is just a mistake in your markup which Bootstrap Studio already enables you to correct easily.

MKZ, I fixed the problem I had, but now I do not see all of the icons I have put in the style of bootstrap.

Image in BootStrap Studio:

Make sure you have uploaded all of the files for the Fonts, and all other assets etc. That's usually the culprit if something isn't showing at all.