Not the same layout

Why doesn't it look the same in the browser as in Bootstrap Studio?

I can make it look exactly how I want it in Bootstrap Studio (see picture) but it doesn't look right in Chrome. And yes - I have empty cache.

Hey! It's because you probably designed the layout in another screen size. On the top right in bootstrap studio you should see a phone icon, tablet icon and so on. Try to make your website look the same on all the ones (click on them to switch). Then it'll flawlessly work! ?

Kr Jonas

Your whole layout - based on the Overview structure - just looks weird! You have a bunch of divs, and within those you have a few containers. While it is true that you can layout a site in various ways, in Bootstrap you'd utilize the grid to lay things out. Eg, container > row > column. I don't see this in your layout and so maybe what causing the issue is that you have overcomplicated the layout in a somewhat "non-standard" way.

I matched with the exactly the same and it looked the same difference.

I used the assets fullpage.js from Bootstrap Studios uploaded assets and then followed the Tessla tutorial and did what he did there.