not updated

Hello I tried to update the <title> I thougt the process is to modify this information through Export options/SEO, but it doesn't work Any help ? Thanks Fransua (who has read all the tutorial)

I fand a solution : right click in the design panels to update this information. So I wonder the utility od the Export Option. Any tutorial ?

The main difference is that the options on export system is site wide where as the right click on each page is specific to that page. But ... the title should still work in the export options as well. I'm not sure, since it's kind of strange to have a "sitewide" title and description. Just use the page ones and you'll be fine.

Maybe someone else will have more detail on this, I've not used the site wide part ever for the title and description as ... it don't work lol.

Presumably, the developer's reasoning for the Export Settings > SEO > Main > title and description fields are for people who build single page websites/landing pages, etc, where they won't be entering different page titles and descriptions. In the Tutorials it actually states that info set here will be global, which would be a big "no-no" in terms of SEO. Google specifically states in their SEO guide that it's important that each page has a unique title and description. You'd actually be better off having no title or description on additional pages, than the same one that is on your index.html page, because at least that way Google will use the page content to generate a title itself. I'm pretty sure identical page titles & descriptions would garner you an SEO penalty.

It also seems like a strange place to put the Generate Sitemap button. Seems like kind of an afterthought.

I should think Sitemap deserves it's own heading under Export Settings > SEO, where you'd have the option of letting the program generate a sitemap for you, or you could type in (or paste) one you make yourself. In fact, it would be nice if the BSS's generated sitemap was editable.

Maybe have a Sitemap heading similar to the Robots.text heading, with an area where you could type in or paste a sitemap, or click the generate sitemap button and the program's generated Sitemap would appear in the box, and be editable by the user.