Offer an affiliate program

Your product is beyond amazing, it would be a good idea to set up an affiliate program so we can promote it and get some comission in return.

  1. Affiliate promoter promotes it (not only in English but in other languages too)
  2. User finds out how amazing it is
  3. User buys
  4. Affiliate promoter gets something in return

What do you think?

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Any thoughts on this?

While on the one hand I agree that the forum format is dated, tired and painfully inefficient compared to being able to do a group Zoom (or similar technology) style meeting, and while I am flattered that you would think of me as your choice for host, I’m afraid I would never be capable of doing something so… extroverted.

My user name isn’t random. I covet my anonymity to an almost pathological degree. Me appearing “in the flesh”, as it were, is out of the question.

But otherwise, I absolutely love the idea. Just need to find someone else to host.

I like the afterwards part, but Klugi can stay out of it :tropical_drink: :beers:

Guys, as intriguing as this conversation is, it really has nothing to do with the OP’s suggestion, maybe take it to a new thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Anyways I don’t think forums are bad. Virtual calls tend to transform into bullshit talks quite quickly. Forums are more straight to the point.

And yeah, to whom it may concern: let know if you intend to set up an affiliate program.

What would be your vision for that?

To me the current app prices for both yearly and lifetime are so low that there does not seem to be margins for paying out any percentage to affiliates. It would instead undercut development funding.

Stop being modest, on youtube and facebook you seem extroverted, plus you’re not shy here. :wink:

What would be your vision for that? Prices are so low that it would instead undercut development funding.

Are you sure?

It would definitely increase sales of the product a lot (since loads of affiliates would promote it).

With affiliate program: $60 x 1000 lifetime licenses - $10 x 1000 commission = $50000
Without affiliate program: $60 x 100 lifetime licenses = $6000

This is hypothetical, of course, but grasp the essence!

Think about it like investing in Marketing, but with the guarantee that it will work.

Interesting. But if you like this app so much and want to talk about it, why is this thread your only involvement? Good luck with your efforts and passion for a affiliate program.

But if you like this app so much and want to talk about it, why is this thread your only involvement?

Yes, I like it. But I did not say I want to talk about it or get involved for free. I proposed a fair business idea, not just help for the fun of helping. The respective people in charge of the project can see it as the win-win idea it is and go for it or just don’t. That part does not depend on me.

From this thread and especially your last two statements its clear you hope to generate income off the app. As an alternative you can always profit off of the app through your own initiatives by selling courses, templates, etc. To my knowledge this has not been done by anyone else. With that approach you have the opportunity to generate income based upon your own efforts while keeping all profits you deem they are worthy of.

Regarding free, well you have some interesting free wordpress related items on github. Those require more time than participating on a forum every now and again to show interest for an app you like. :wink:

Good luck with the affiliate request.

Very true. But not like parasites do. A parasite will steal the product and re-sell it, or buy one license and re-sell it to other people. Affiliates help the product owner make more money and in return get a commission for their help.

It’s not only an alternative, it’s actually something I already do :wink:

What has not been done by anyone else? Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest win-win relationships I know of. The fact that Amazon has become so huge is in part thanks to their affiliate program.

This sounds like as if affiliate marketing was effortless. Promoting a product does in fact involve loads of “own efforts” :wink:

Yes, WordPress is a magic concept. I love it and if I can contribute to it I will do it for free because it is a wonderful open source cause. But the Bootstrap Studio is not an open source product. It is pure business. You may also note that the Bootstrap Studio is “making income off” of Bootstrap, which is a free product too.

Thanks, if the product owners are smart, they will jump into it sooner or later.

What you stated that you arelady do right above that, but in regards to BSS.

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I do not appear in any videos on YouTube or Facebook. You might be confusing me with someone else who uses the name “printninja” on those platforms (because I do not.)

I was just going off the person seen on your site in your profile.

They are probably different people, as I use different names on each social media platform.

I mean the profile here on the forum and the listed site: ‘eliteinsites’. :wink:

Why don’t you keep talking about this somewhere else?