Offline CMS i.e. Wordpress to Bootstrap - anybody interested?

Mainly for my own needs I created a Windows program which takes input from various sources (Wordpress XML export, code documentation XML, files from a special documentation tool) and combines that all to a new output using different scripts. It started pretty small, but is now a pretty large program. I tested it with more than 5000 topics.

It can create PDF files, DocX and of course also static web sites.
For website this can incorporate a template created in Bootstrap Studio. Since the text is inserted into placeholders, ie. /%BODYTEXT%/ the template can be edited any time and on each export, you have the latest design on your static website, automatically. It takes one page i.e. “_blank.html” and uses that as basis for the created pages. Using a special script it can create the menu structure from a provided outline.
One special feature is to create something like a FAQ list using a set of paragraphs which are fed pairwise into a in-topic template. Conditional text is also possible.

This page has been created with this tool:

The part which comes from the “CMS” starts here Overview
It integrates the help file for this program seemlessly into the website created with BS.

Would such a tool be interesting for you?

I like your idea. I have explored similar option of generating website from dynamic content as I was migrating some of my wordpress blogs to static websites for fastest performance possible and hosting it free on github. I have also used templates created using bootstrap studio but ended up using Jekyll Static builder with some custom script when publishing side from bootstrap studio to place the code in appropriate place then rebuild the Jekyll site. One of the site I build using similar idea is the blog page comes from Jekyll generation still uses same website template.

I also came by Jekyll when I was developing my software. The MD format is now an additional output format for my engine. I found Jekyll a bit slow with my large project, but otherwise quite nice.
I like your site - I am working on my software to allow some in-topic templates (i.e. gallery), too.

This page has been created with my program: WPTools Component

It was created mostly from comments in the source code of the programming component I document here. It incorporates a very simple server based search.