Okay, Bootstrap Studio is the best development tool I've ever come across

When I first downloaded Bootstrap Studio back on Jan 10, 2022, I was not confident.
While it seemed easy at first glance, it was not to someone who had never use a tool like this to create websites. I was all Visual Studio Code and Bootstrap documentation at that point, and was not ready to move on, yet.

I opened Bootstrap Studio not knowing a single thing. Tinkering with all available options, creating new designs for each component, trying to figure it all out. Following tutorials from the YouTube channel and trying to follow code tutorials for Bootstrap to see if I can recreate what they were creating with absolutely no clue how anything worked still.

I attempted to create my first website, my website. While it looked like dog water at first, I was slowly starting to understand the layout. I was finally understanding the Options panel and Component panel. I understood the Editor panel and the Overviewer panel; the design panel was the easiest to master.

Day after day, I was opening Bootstrap Studio more and more. Doing everything I could to understand the layout, understand how flex worked, how components went together and how to structure a website through a visual editor.

As time went on, I got better. I got faster at putting components together, I understood enough by this point. I redesigned my website another 3 times. Each time, better structure, better SEO and better performance.

I published my website.

But I’m not here to talk about my website, I’ve mentioned it before in another post, somewhere on here.

Today, I created a 5-page website within 5 days for a GitHub repository I manage.

I cloned the repo in February of 2023.
I had no idea what I was doing then either, since I’ve never touched Python.

But, with the help of the community, we were able to get the software up-to-date and working properly.

The software is called The Minecraft Overviewer.
It generates static HTML Image files using a LeafletJS interface to display Minecraft Java Edition Worlds as an isometric map.

After adopting the repository, I looked at the main website, https://overviewer.org.
It was created using an older version of Bootstrap and looks like it hasn’t been updated in years.

I found an old side project the original developers wanted to work on, updating the website.
A week ago, I started on that side project. Today, I’ve finished 90% of it.

Complete with SEO, Google Analytics, Client-Side JavaScript and a responsive design.
Along with other interesting UI and JavaScript additions.

I present:


The new site looks honestly incredible, so clean and very well put together.

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Thank you!
It was my first biggest project created using Bootstrap Studio.

A contributor to the repo let me know of some accessibility issues, which I plan on fixing.
Along with adding a JavaScript fallback, since I forgot that not everyone uses JavaScript.

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Turns out this website looked so well put together that some members of the community thought it was built using React or Next.

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It’s all static pages isn’t it?

I think in today’s modern web development there tends to be quite a lot of over engineering for even simple sites lol

Also lots of people discredit Bootstrap since Tailwind is the big thing just now and most people only used Bootstrap 3 or earlier which did tend to have some dated design choices

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Tailwind has come on strong over the last few years, to the point where it’s just below Bootstrap in terms of awareness. But, in terms of usage, Bootstrap is still the leader by a wide margin.

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