Old browser support after Bootstrap v4

After bootstrap 4 is released can there be a way to choose between v3 and v4 of bootstrap? I am worried that I will lose v3 support when the next version of bootstrap studio is released.

Bootstrap4 will not support old internet explorer browsers, but some of us still need to support those older browsers.

I believe this app will support BS3 and BS4, but need to wait until BS4 is supported here officially

Bootstrap4 will not support old internet explorer browsers, but some of us still need to support those older browsers.

At $DAYJOB we're not supporting those old browsers for a few years. Almost nobody uses them anymore, and those few people are used to a really bad internet experience. So i do hope BSS will just follow the trend and stop supporting old browsers at all. Better implementing new features, use modern (and smaller, faster) jquery version than choosing a compromise to give compatibility to really few people. With obsolete computers, obsolete, buggy and insecure, often pirated os, maybe even using xp-era monitor resolutions.

Windows Vista will reach end of life next week. And Windows 7 (released in 2009) supports Internet Explorer 11. So bootstrap 4 supporting ie 10+ is more that we probably need.

So my 2cents is just to give more functionality, speed and flexibility, completely dropping obsolete browser and os support.

I also believe this question was asked a few months back and Martin had said something about being able to choose which version to run or something like that. I'd have to look it up in the forums and I'll let you do that instead lol. I don't recall if I asked the question or if I commented on someone else asking the question, but I do recall a conversation about it and that the plans were to be able to use both in some way or another.

Hey Jo, I did a quick search to look for something similar and didn't find anything. Thanks for vaguely speaking for the developers!

Marrco, thanks for the advise, but I still need the support. If the developers of Bootstrap studio want me to buy a new license key next year, they will need to support v3.

Chris, where does it say that on the website? Thanks for your reassurance.

According to @Martin (one of the developers), there will be support for choosing between v3 and v4 of bootstrap.

Here are some relative comments he made previously on this, in the following link / thread:


• When creating a new design, you will be able to choose if you want Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap 3 will be kept as an option for as long as people use it.

• Bootstrap 4 support is planned and will be delivered with a future update.

• We are also planning for automatic conversion of Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 designs, but we will see how well this works.

I would assume this ideal still remains. ;-)

bootstrap 4 thread

Chris, BSS_user, Thanks! What a relief!