Older versions of Bootstrap

Hi guys,

I'm working mostly with Joomla and it is still on older version of Bootstrap (2.3.2 if I remember correctly) Can Bootstrap Studio work with older versions of Bootstrap?

Best regards, Arnor

no, the older version supported is Bootstrap 3.3

3.7 is the oldest in BSS at the moment, just that and 4.1 right now. Time to update Arnor as 2.3.2 is extremely behind the times and you'll have a bit of a learning curve when you do as things changed quite a bit since that version.

Hi Jo,

Tell that to the Joomla developers ;) I understand that Joomla 4 will update Bootstrap, but I'm not sure what version. Joomla 3.8 and 3.9 are still on 2.3.2 and I understand it's not a full deployment of bootstrap. I have been successful in adding more recent versions of Bootstrap to Joomla pages, but then it messes up all the default page/template layouts that rely on 2.3.2.

Best regards, Arnor

Haha I hear ya Arnor, and unfortunately when you use a CMS you are tied into whatever they use. Not only that, but you are tied into all the plugins that go with it same as Wordpress, which need to be constantly updated and can break your site etc. I used to use Joomla many years ago myself, and it was a pretty slick setup which I'm sure is even better now, but ... it's not better if they aren't updating it as needed. Maybe it's time to make an HTML site of your own? Best way to get all the most updated code an elements.

Hi Jo, In this case we are using Joomla as a framework and writing out own components etc. It works fine for what we need, but with both Bootstrap and jQuery lagging behind in Joomla deployments it doesn't make it any easier. I'm doing a lot of my own views etc. and having a visual aid to help design would have been awesome and I was hoping BSS would support the older versions, but I understand perfectly that it doesn't! I'll probably buy BSS anyway for other work, looks like a very nice product!

Best regards, Arnor