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Im planning to have a blog with multiple posts. Just like in any other blog each post would have its own link and page. For now it looks to my as though in BSS each blog post would require a separate html page created in BSS. Is there a way to create a single page for a blog post that gets populated by the blog content based on url pattern (or something similar)?


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As far as I know that is not possible. This would require a php+database and a template

Blogs typically require a server-side database (backend) to do this sort of thing. Bootstrap Studio builds static “front end” websites, so it’s not a practical solution for blogging. If you’re using Bootstrap Studio’s free hosting, your options are limited, but if you have your own hosting, it’s relatively easy to install Wordpress in a subfolder, style it to look like your website and go from there.

There are some “plug-in” blog services that use other technologies if you want to avoid Wordpress, but they typically cost money (ex.

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I use Publii for simple blogging:


A blog is easily done (you get examples in some of the templates included with BSS even). You don’t need a separate page for each blog, unless that’s how you want it. Things to consider would be:

How long/big/image-heavy is each of your blogs. If they are all of those things then yeah you may want to do separate ones. Depending on your needs I would suggest:

  1. Make a landing page for your visitors that click just a Blogs link in your Nav/Menu. On that page put say the last 4 to 6 blogs in a 2 x 6 layout so you have 2 blogs on each line basically. Make these with a Figure and Fig Caption components and then add a paragraph below with a Read More.

  2. Either let them all go by date, or categorize your blogs by topic, but choose one ( I would suggest both really and you can do this using both Accordions and Tabbed Components. You can see an example of how this can be done here:

It can definitely be done, it’s not all that difficult even, but in the end it really depends on your needs for the blog. On another site I have pages set up for each year and a sidebar menu that lists the years as they progress and each year I move the previous year’s content to it’s own page and start the new year of blogs with the current one. Doesn’t take a lot of work to do that either. Just add a little bit of space between your blogs and blog away.

Hope that helps and thanks for the link Seb, I’ll check that out too :slight_smile:

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You can blog like that if you’re the website builder/owner, but traditional blogs like those made with Wordpress allow the owner to log-in and post, while not having access to the backend or the website design. There are a lot of features you can’t really get without a database (ex. search.)

Check out publii. I think it fits a nice small niche and can also include search etc.

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@printninja I have 4 clients right now that are not on wordpress and I do all their updates. They send them to me, tell me when it needs to be up and I get the updates up for them. Works pretty slick so far. :slight_smile:

@Seb I was checking around on the Publii site and it looks like you can only do this as a website. I didn’t find anywhere that you could embed the blog without the whole site. Unfortunately, that’s the only way I’d be doing things like blogs other than how I explained above. Bummer too, looks like a nice setup.

hello, I checked but I don’t find match answer. I also wondering if with one HTML structure page on BSS it’s possible to insert multiple “PAGES”.

BSS is very powerfull and I love it ! I don’t want again use CMS as wordpress for this kind of coding. BSS is very great for performances & design and to my mind more stable.

So in this way I think if a specific module our dev (php or other way) can be possible pour insert multiple HTML Pages inside BSS project ?

Thanks for any help, or thinking about this topic

@Seb Thank you sooooo much for making me aware of Publii!!

P.S. I’m a brand-new user of Bootstrap Studio, and am absolutely loving it. Many thanks to its creators.

P.P.S. Is there a better way to embed a blog in a BSS page?

At the moment, I’ve got my Publii-generated pages showing through a responsive embed iframe-thingy, with the aspect set to 1:1, but it’s not ideal, because the interior page gets a separate, additional scrollbar from the containing page, and the embed is cut off on mobile screens.

Screenshot 2023-01-28 125538

Is it possible to have the embed frame fill the available space?

Here’s the blog page on my site:

it’s easy enough with javascript, i did in

“Easy” is all relative :slight_smile:

EDIT: I set the height of the responsive embed iframe to 90vh in the “Appearance/Layout” section and now it works perfectly!

Yeps, sorry for using “easy”, but i mean it is very possible to acheive that.

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