One instance of the Bootstrap Studio.exe process persists after quitting program

I have raised this issue before on unrelated posts. I have been experiencing this issue randomly since the release of 5.8 or 5.9 (hard to recall when it started exactly.) Earlier today I opened the program, created a new site, dragged the Lightbox Gallery component on to the page. I took a couple of screenshots to post in an unrelated answer here in the form, and then I quit the program. It was open for a grand total of about two minutes.

Normally there are 4-5 Bootstrap Studio.exe processes running whenever the program is running. Shortly after closed the program, I noted my CPU temps were running hotter than normal. When I opened Windows Task Manager, there was a single instance of Bootstrap Studio.exe still running. As soon as I ended the process, my temps dropped.

Despite many hours trying, I cannot find any pattern or trigger that causes it. It seems totally random.

Strange, I am sure we resolved this issue back in 6.1.2. Can you check if you’re running our latest release?

I’m running 6.1.3

The inexplicable thing is that when I try to recreate the issue by following the exact same steps, it doesn’t happen.

I suppose it could be an issue with my computer, but Bootstrap Studio is the only program that seems to do this, and it only started happening around the 5.8-5.9 release.

@Martin Well, it happened again today. I opened the program a second time and all I did was start a new website, close the site, and close the program. One instance of Bootstrap Studio.exe remained open.

It’s totally random, and I cannot figure out the cause. I’ve just gotten in the habit of checking Task Manager every time I close the program to make sure it’s fully closed.