One more element needed for Background Image

Hey there, hope all is well. Could we have one more control for Background “Attachment” so we can make parallax backgrounds

background-attachment: fixed;

Thank You

I’m confused. There’s nothing in BSS preventing you from writing background-attachment: fixed; in your CSS.

You may also note that there is already a parallax component in BSS. Go to the Studio Panel (upper left) and you will find it in UI>Media>Parallax Background

Hi printninja,


The problem I ran into was I added a background for a div in the Appearance panel with:
Position: center
Size: cover
Repeat: no-repeat

and then wrote the background-attachment in the style sheet and it wouldn’t work that way. So I had to write the whole thing in the stylesheet to get it to work.

The UI>Media>Parallax Background is cool but I needed to put the effect on a div with a container and row in it.

Thank you

Unfortunately, the Visual UI of this program is in a constant state of evolution, and sometimes certain CSS rules are not fully covered by the visual options (for example, there are many more border styles available than the three the program’s visual UI offers, and I recently posted an idea that they make the border style into a drop-down menu that offers all the styles, instead of just three.)

If you see a feature in the UI that is lacking, (like the inability to set the background attachment rule), by all means post it as a feature request in the ideas category of the Forum. The developers of this software are very responsive to user ideas, and will often incorporate or add things based on our suggestions.

In the interim, however, you will find that you pretty much need to have a pretty good working knowledge of CSS and writing your own classes and rules if you want to customize your website beyond what is possible through the program’s built-in tools. But that’s also one of the program’s strengths. Having the ability to completely override the Bootstrap CSS rules is crucial to making this program a step above most other website builders.

Yes you are absolutely correct, I think we got something really good here, I understand we don’t want to overload the UI with every option too. Being able to open the stylesheets in an external editor and have them sync back in the program has been a feature I’ve come to not be able to live without in BSS and was superb thinking by the developer, and hope they do something like that with images as well.

Have a great week my friend.