One of the more recent updates Broke the Bootstrap 3 settings

I’m in a site now that I update for my client at least monthly or more. This is one of my lingering Bootstrap 3 sites that I don’t think they will ever upgrade, so I’m stuck with BS 3 on this one.

  • I noticed an issue with some links that were out of whack (gained some kind of padding that wasn’t there before, large amounts).
  • I also am seeing that it is now Mobile first and I don’t “think” it was before. I’m now having to go in and change a lot of settings to make sure it goes up correctly. There are a lot of issues here.

If this is something you can fix fast I will wait on this update and do it after it’s fixed. Hopefully it’s something obvious for you so it will be fast, but all i can tell you is that it was broke on May 4, but not broken on April 1. Hope that helps :confused:

If you look at the bootstrap.min.css file in the latest export, you should see at the very top the version number. For example, the latest version of bootstrap.min.css that BSS exports on a Bootstrap 4 website is 4.6.0

I have never built any Bootstrap 3 websites with Bootstrap Studio, but the one and only BS3 site I did built was with Pinegrow in 2018, and the version of bootstrap.min.css that it uses is 3.3.6

If you go to build a new website in Bootstrap Studio using Bootstrap 3, it says Bootstrap 3.4 but when I made a simple test website in BSS using Bootstrap 3 and exported it, the bootstrap.min.css file says 3.4.1 so maybe you can check one of your older backups to see which version of the bootstrap.min.css file was being used, and then you’ll know if the changes are due to a difference in the CSS files.

If this is the case, I suppose the short-term work around would be to copy the bootstrap.min.css file from one of your backed up exports and replace the one in your current export.

According to Bootstrap’s website, Bootstrap 3.4.1 IS mobile first, and other websites I searched on Google say that starting with Bootstrap 3.0.0, Bootstrap was mobile first, but I could swear I remember the early versions of Bootstrap 3 being desktop first. I’m not really sure, as I only built one website in BS3 and it was 4 years ago.

In any event, I’ve been procrastinating so long on upgrading that one silly, 5 page BS3 site to BS4, that now BS5 is already out. And I have yet to even build a single website in BS5 because I’m afraid they’ll be a learning curve, and that’s one thing that I don’t need to deal with right now.

Well I feel so stupid. My file got corrupted or something and everything was all screwed up in it. I went to some previous ones and although they weren’t all screwed up totally, I did find the issue that was causing some of it (total user error on my part, sorry for the panic post). Sure wish these people would upgrade to the newer system. Am pretty sure it’s because they are on BS3 and I’m working more with BS 4 and 5 now which are more mobile first than BS3 was so I messed it up.

Anyways, sorry for the post, I’ll go hang my head in shame now and take a day off lol.

I think you’re entitled to an occasional panic post jo. :wink:

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hahahaha occassional?? That’s an every day thing around here! LOL

When you rely on a program to make your living, and the program seems to have a bad bug, panic is a totally legit response. I mean, the one good thing is you can always downgrade BSS to an older version, but I’m like you. I need this software to work reliably every single day, just like my computer, my monitors, etc, etc. Fortunately, software is usually easier to fix than hardware.