Online Components Filters

I realize we've asked for better search-ability for the Online Components in previous threads, but never really via Filters of specific things so figured I'd add a idea.

I would really love the ability to filter specific settings of the Online Components lists such as checkboxes or something to tell it what we want to see. In particular at the moment, I'm interested mostly in seeing only the new BS 4 released items, but there's no way to search for that because the search filter doesn't include that setting unless the creator adds it to the title.

Would love to see filters set for specific things like:

  • BS Version
  • Element Type (if it's possible to list them all. If not then would be nice if the Element Type filter could be used to tell the Search feature to look further than just the title by giving the creators an option to specify the category of element it belongs in. This way we could at least type the word Menu or Nav and get them all, not just those that have that in the Title of the component. Color Variation: dark, light, etc. Semantic area it belongs with "naturally" (even if it can be used elsewhere)

And any other ones you can think of that would help us navigate the Online Components better. I really could use some love and I bet many of us are missing out on quite a few of the components because they aren't filterable other than by title.