Online Components Window not working quite right

I figured it was something maybe not quite finished yet? Someone else posted in the Help section today (or yesterday) on it so figured I'd put this in here.

Online Components window doesn't show anything unless you do a search. If you just click the tab you get a message that says "Can't show online results right now."

Not sure what that's about or why, but figured I'd post it here so we can get an idea if it should be doing this or if it's still being worked on or if it's just broke. Thanks!

Ok so I've followed the instructions from the link that Martin had given to someone else to reinstall BSS

and that worked, but ....

Just for future reference and in case it helps track down what component caused this or what part of the components system caused this ... It's the downloadedPackages file that the issue is in. I'll post this on the other thread too so people know they probably don't have to go through all the reinstall and losing stuff to fix it. Just delete the downloadPackages file in the bstudio location stated in the reinstall information and that fixed it for me .... unfortunately I don't have all the downloaded things now that I had already organized ... :/ Hopefully this helps to track it down so that others don't have to lose all their time spent downloading and organizing online components.