Online Components

Hi everyone, this is no idea for the program, but an idea to use the Online Components.

It's great to have these Online Components. So especially new users could see what BTS can easily make. I like new ideas of making a header, a gallery, etc.

But what I absolutely don't like is an CUSTOM CODE Online Components. What should that be for?? It's a library for things that can be used in the projects. But if this is all custom code, it's worthless. I understand, that it is easy to write a custom code, but then... why using Bootstrapstudio? To find only custom cod, I can use and there it is.

For all this reason, I would like to never use that Online Components anymore.

It's annoying.

After all I found a idea for BTS:

  • please give these Online Components the possibility to write an comment for the other users.
  • give an "message to the developer" (I would like a feedback, if my Component doesn't work, or if it is useless)
  • Or add an Thumb Up - Thumb Down like on Facebook
  • give them a mark to disappear from the users list, if the don't like to see it anymore
  • we can see the count of downloads... that shows how interested the users were. Make an count of removing, too
  • make an website, where ALL components are shown. In BTS there are always a small list. So nobody can see all of what other users did.

So, my frustration is written down :)

+1 to the idea to ignore/get rid of online user generate components that are purely custom code.

To echo what frank says, it's pretty lazy and it's counter initiative as requires more effort to manually tweak code etc.

Or at very least be able to distinguish custom code components.

I truly feel there needs to also be a process for "pre-screening / pre-approval / pre-filtering" of the submitted online components. Both to ensure quality standards for BSS users, as well as the general need, usefulness and repetitiveness of submitted components. Many components currently exist that are rather pointless and repetitive in their simplicity and needfulness.

Greetings, Hi, I am very pleased with the performance of the component - online, so I could have helped in building my web page. I propose in this section there is a description of upload time (on tooltip), so I can compare with the component that I have. Thank you very much. Warm regards.

just bumping this - is there any way we can have an icon that indicates components that are built using the tool and those built with copy and pasted custom code (which i hate btw)?

would really help me make my choice when deciding to use any user generated components.