Open a topic in BBS

Hello guys. I can not see the HTML files of a Theme I just bought. follow the link: How can I view the BBS? Even importing into the BBS system screen remains blank ...

Thank you.

Unfortunately, I'm not to sure how much anyone can help you with this issue. Typically, when you purchase a prebuilt site like that you get a .zip file that you have to extract the contents so you can access the HTML/CSS etc... Unfortunately, that's beyond the scope of this forum. If you know how to do all that, you can then import the CSS and HTML into the BSS app. However, the HTML will be entirely in a Custom Code component which would not be ideal to work with as that will not support drag/drop functionality of the BSS app. As well as the HTML may contain code such as PHP and the like that will not render in the BSS app as well. It would be better suited to use a different IDE app that can handle that kind of functionality.

Sorry couldn't help more.