Opening/closing certain modal(s) causes unwanted scroll bars in containing body

Here’s what happens when I open / close a modal within the CD Editor page on my site:

So because of the scroll bars, each time you re-open any modal, the whole navbar shifts about 15 pixels, so it’s kind of an annoying aesthetic bug. And I don’t need the scroll bars.

I have my body tag’s style set up like so:

<body class="is-fixed" style="height: 100vh;max-height: 100vh;width: 100vw;max-width: 100vw;border: none;padding: 0;overflow: hidden;box-sizing: border-box;overflow-x: hidden !important;overflow-y: hidden !important;">
    <div class="container-fluid" style="box-sizing: border-box;">

Which might be the cause but I did the above out of necessity for the iframe to take up the whole body background. Here is what the site should look like (you can get to this state starting out by refreshing the page):

The bootstrap studio output is located in the bssexport directory here:
MathDOPE/bssexport at main · enjoysmath/MathDOPE (

And the .bsdesign file is in the root directory of the GitHub repository.

Anyone know how to permanently fix this GUI bugs? I’ve tried all proposed solutions mentioned on google for both BSS and / or CSS.

I half-solved this. What I did was copy over buttons of one dialog into a duplicated modal’s body (duplicated from one of the modals that does work). Deleting the old modal.

Now though, just one of my modals is broken: it opens but also doesn’t close the parent modal holding the button that opens this modal, and this is the only modal left with the issue, so it might be related - that two of them are open and the above page-shifting still occurs.

Finally, I recreated the button that toggles that final dialog to open and everything works greatly now. Thanks! :star_struck: